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Concept 2 SkiErg with PM5 Monitor


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Concept 2 SkiErg with PM5

The Concept 2 SkiErg with the most up to date PM5 monitor is the latest and greatest from the Concept 2 brand. The SkiErg was developed to mimic the movement of ski sports whilst in the gym. And has now become a common cardio machine accessory in gyms everywhere.

The Concept 2 brand has now been adopted as the first choice in exercise cardio equipment over the past decade. Largely thanks to the inception of Crossfit into the world of exercise and training. Concept 2 has continued to build and improve upon world-leading cardio equipment. 

Flywheel and Dampener

The Concept 2 Ski resistance dampener is true among all SkiErgs. So no matter which one you use, you can be assured you will get the same consistent workout each time. All thanks to Concept 2’s attention to detail.

How it works: Concept 2 products use air resistance through a fanned flywheel which captures the air providing resistance throughout the stroke. 

The dampener allows air to pass into the shroud covering the flywheel. The dampener selector external to the housing adjusts how much air the dampener will let through. Settings are adjusted, from 1 through to 10. Set the number higher for more air to pass through the flywheel housing, increasing resistance and requiring higher power output for each repetition. 

PM5 Monitor

The newest PM5 monitor can record a variety of metrics. These include distance moved, time taken, calories burned and watts generated. Heart rate data can be retrieved when used with a monitor paired with the ErgData app.

  • USB compatible to record and save workout data
  • Easily switch between workout types through the keypad

 Mounting and Floorstand

The SkiErg can be mounted directly in place on the ground or the SkiErg Floor stand can be purchased separately. The Floor Stand is recommended if you want the ability to move your SkiErg around the gym.


Because Concept is a worldwide product, most if not all gym equipment servicing companies will know about rower servicing and repairs, no matter where your location is. 

Self-maintenance is very easy:

  • Untwist the cords after 50 hours of use.
    • With each use, you may twist the cords slightly. The pull on the cord may feel lumpy. You can fix this easily by pulling the cord all the way out and twisting the handle in the opposite direction of the twist.
    • Inspect all screws for security
    • Clean the surface of the SkiErg of dust and lint buildup with a non-abrasive cleaner.


Concept 2 offers a fully transferable warranty within the warranty period.

Frame parts are covered under a warranty of 5 years.

All other parts are covered under a warranty of 2 years.

Concept 2 SkiErg Assembly

Assembly of the Concept 2 SkiErg is simple, with easy to follow instructions included in every box. Set up time should take 20 – 30 minutes.

Concept 2 SkiErg Dimensions Set up:

  • Width: 515mm (without floorstand)
  • Width: 595mm (with floorstand)
  • Height: 2120mm (without floorstand)
  • Height: 2170mm (with floorstand)
  • Length: 370mm (without floorstand)
  • Length: 1270mm (with floorstand)

Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 121 × 47 × 52 cm


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