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Kettlebells are one of the most unique yet effective pieces of gym equipment on the market today.

They can be traced back to Russian origins, first appearing in documents around 350 years ago. The Russian people embraced the tool and today Kettlebell Lifting is the national sport of Russia and can be found in almost every corner of the planet. Kettlebells can be made from cast iron or steel.

Whether you are looking at cardio exercises or weight training, Kettlebells are likely to be central to your approach. We offer Kettlebells in a range of weights from 6kg up to 48kg to suit your abilities and requirements.

Virtually all weight trainers would have the kettlebell in their top 3 fundamental pieces of gym equipment.

I can’t think of any other piece of gym equipment that is as versatile as a set of Iron cast kettlebells. But the reason they are so essential is that the exercises that you can do with kettlebells are often the most effective. So that is why you will nearly always see them located in any gym around Australia or the world.

Kettlebells offer up a massive selection of workouts that you can either do from the home gym, traveling, or commercial gyms with many variations of workouts found with a simple google search

Start increasing your strength with kettlebell weight training

Kinta has an extensive range of equipment and a great team here in Perth to help you find the right category of free weights for your needs, from weight plates, barbells, Dumbbells, weight storage, training accessories and Kettlebells online. Call the team by phone on 0483 282 721, by email at admin@kintafitness.com.au or visit us in Osborne Park. Check our hours of operation here