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Squat Racks

Squat racks, also known as power racks, can be quite an intimidating piece of gym equipment. Not only are they heavy duty, sturdy and majestic looking, they are also accompanied by bars and weight plates that make them look even more impressive. However, we are here to tell you that having squat racks as part of your home gym or as an addition to your commercial gym fit-out can have a lot of benefits and be life-changing for any fitness enthusiast! Knowing exactly which squat rack in Perth to get, how to use it safely and properly to its full potential will take your fitness to the next level.

From Bench Press Stands to Full Power Cages

Kinta Fitnesss have a wide range of squat racks in Perth that can suit any size gyms, whether it is for a garage/home gym or a bigger fit-out such as a commercial gym. From bench press stands, heavy duty squat racks and full power cages, we have the best squat racks online. For a full package deal, look into our Full Power Cage and Weight Package that comes with bumper plates, competition plates and Olympic barbels! All our equipment are designed to withstand the test of time whether it is used by one person in a personal home gym or in a busy commercial one.

Heavy Strength Training

Perfect for heavy strength training, squat racks allow great flexibility for many different strength and size gains exercises. There is no better single piece of equipment that will allow you to do not only squats, but also chin-ups, bench presses, deadlifts, shoulder press, and the list goes on!

Safety First!

Safety should always be a priority when it comes to exercise, no matter whether you’re in a home gym or in a bigger commercial gym and more often than not, you might find yourself training on your own without the help of a spotter. A squat rack is the best way to get your fitness on point without worrying about heavy weight dropping on you and causing serious injury. Spotter bars are ideal to hold the weight you’re using in a safe manner but can also help you try out heavier weight without stress.

The Best Squat Racks in Perth

After the best squat racks online? Kinta Fitness has you covered! With a wide range of different squat racks, you will surely find the one that will suit your gym. We also have a range of attachments to be added to your power rack for your convenience. So start clicking, get that cart overflowing and make your fitness dreams a reality! Contact our friendly team for any more information or advice on which online squat racks to get. You can also drop by our warehouse in Osborne Park where our team will guide you across the range of equipment we have in stock and help you design the perfect home or commercial gym!

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