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Benefits of Knee Sleeves 

Knee sleeves are a simple, affordable gym accessory that can help support and stabilise your knees during exercise. More stability means more compression in the knee area, leading to increased blood flow and less painful local swelling after a workout. These knee sleeves wrap nicely around your knee joint to promote comfort and support the surrounding muscles. Its lightweight design allows the wearer to have complete freedom of movement while providing stability to the knee joints. 

Are knee sleeves better than knee wraps?

What is the difference between knee sleeves and knee wraps? Powerlifters, bodybuilders, and weightlifters typically coil knee wraps tightly around their knees during exercise. This not only helps support the joints, but the elastic material also acts as a “spring”. The wrap helps the wearer “bounce” back up after they bend their legs, and lets users lift heavier loads than they normally would without a wrap. While wraps can help you lift more weight, unlike a knee sleeve, wraps are not intended to be worn regularly and should be reserved mainly for competitions. Overuse of a knee wrap can mean that you don’t use the muscles needed to do most heavy work, which can lead to lower body imbalances. Compression knee sleeves, on the other hand, are designed for everyday wear.

Are knee sleeves worth it?

People who regularly run CrossFit, are weightlifters, or are athletes doing endurance sports and training require the joint support that high quality knee sleeves can offer. Weightlifting knee sleeves are the same as the ones an athlete or recreational sportsmen would wear, so you don’t have to go out of your way to buy a different sleeve each time you change workouts. Kinta Fitness knee sleeves have been designed to allow great airflow and ease of movement, so you can make the most of each workout in comfort.

Australian Military Veteran Approved Accessories

Kinta Fitness knee sleeves are made from a 7mm compression neoprene fabric, a lightweight and non-slip material that provides comfort while meeting competition regulations. Currently, the sleeves come in 5 sizes to suit different body types and shapes, but performs excellently on everyone.

Buy Knee Sleeves in Perth

Our selection of gym accessories and gym equipment include some of the best knee sleeves Perth has at accessible prices, whether you are a competitive athlete, or if you work out simply for enjoyment. It’s important that you invest in high quality exercise equipment to support and protect your body during the whole workout, so as not to get a sports related injury. We specialise in more areas that complement curating quality workout equipment. They include government installs, home gym and hotel fit outs, and even commercial gym flooring. Our happy clients return time and again as they appreciate the high standards that we hold our products to. Invest in workout equipment built to last and choose the perfect knee sleeves for you today.

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