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Wrist wraps

Kinta Fitness wrist wraps provide multiple advantages in training and competition. So, whether you’re competing in powerlifting or just want some extra support when you are lifting heavy, Kinta Fitness wrist wraps are a valuable addition to your gym bag so you can always reach your lifting goals.

When & Why you should wear your Wrist Wraps

  • It helps with wrist joint alignment by avoiding hyperextension
  • It improves technique during the wide-grip bench press or overhead shoulder press by maintaining a straight wrist and keeping the joint stable
  • It provides structural support to the relatively slim and unstable wrist joint

Basically, Kinta Fitness wrist wraps improve performance, stability and decrease wear-and-tear by keeping your wrist in the natural position. An essential piece of equipment for longevity in the gym!

How to Choose your Wrist Wraps 


Our Wrist Wraps are (18-24 inches) in length. The shorter 18-inch lengths are best for assistance work or Olympic lifting where you want stability but also some wrist flexibility to complete the lift without being hindered. Longer lengths wrist wraps (24inch) allow for more support and less flexibility for heavy lifting where you want virtually no movement in the wrist joint.

How to Put your Wrist Wraps on:

The stiffness of the wrap material will change depending on how tight you apply the wraps on your wrists. Again, the stiffness of the wrap all depends on how much movement you want on the left you are trying to achieve. So, by adjusting the stiffness it lets you manipulate and allow some wrist movement, while the stiff wrap asks like a cast and allows no flexion or extension.

And finally, thumb loop position on your wrist wrap will affect how you place the wrap while putting it on. The loop is sewn so it attaches at the corner, making it easy to remove after the wrap is set. This can be crucial since many powerlifting competitions make you remove the thumb loop before you conduct your lift.

So, if you want to buy wrist wraps or lifting straps online, then there is never a better time to start than right now to stabilise your joints and increase your lifts today with Kinta Fitness.

As proud veterans ourselves, we would like to give back to those serving our country both in the essential and defence services by offering a discount to those working in those fields. Please contact us for more information.