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Weight lifting belts

Want to increase your lifts? Are you looking for weightlifting belts in Australia? Kinta Fitness has a range of the best weight lifting belts in Perth. All of our lifting belts are made from quality crafted 100% genuine sole leather or the best quality nylon and neoprene. Our weightlifting belts only use heavy-duty material including nickel-plated rivets, buckles and stitching that won’t let you down when the lifts are getting tough.

Why do I need a Weightlifting Belt?

A weightlifting belt has two main functions; It reduces strain on the lumbar and thoracic spine while you are conducting your lift in an upright position, and it prevents the hyperextension of your back while lifting overhead. A lifting belt can also help beginners learn to squeeze their ab muscles correctly.

What type of Weightlifting Belt suits me best?

Well, the best-suited style of lifting belt is dependent on what it is intended to be used for. We have multiple belts and they can be used to help in all forms and levels of lifting.

A lifting belt for powerlifting?

If so, then our leather lifting belt made from premium cowhide layered to 10

mm thick and 100mm tall with a heavy-duty single prong steel buckle is the perfect one for you!

A lifting belt to help with muscle growth and bodybuilding? 

Well, our webbing Weight lifting Belt is the perfect belt to provide stability and support without compromising comfort, doesn’t pinch the body and will not impede range of motion in any form. The belt comes with an excess of male and female velcro to allow for a large variation in each.

A lifting belt to help with beginner weightlifters, back support, injury prevention and rehab?

Built for comfort and support this belt is perfect for the beginner lifter or someone just wanting a little more support through the midsection without the discomfort of a large bulk belt.

Made from a 4inch plush body and 2inch nylon belt threaded through a steel buckle with an optional friction lock or just thread straight around onto the quick release velcro.

So, if you are looking to buy a weightlifting belt online or a weight lifting belt in Perth then don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today and they can help you fit the right belt to suit your needs.

As proud veterans ourselves, we would like to give back to those serving our country both in the essential and defence services by offering a discount to those working in those fields. Please contact us for more information.