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Buy the Only Hex Dumbbells You’ll Ever Need

Looking for new ways to improve your workouts? Or perhaps you are looking to set up your new home or commercial gyms. Including hex dumbbells is a great way to take your strength training to the next step.

So, if you are thinking of getting hex dumbbells but wondering which one to get? Read this guide before deciding which hex dumbbells you should get, get to know everything about them, and which are the best quality on the market.

Hex dumbbells are a staple and they are popular searches in a commercial and home gym. They’re versatile, durable, and offer a great range of exercises to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Take a look at the wide selection of hex dumbbells in Australia that are the best on the market with the latest deals at Kinta Fitness.

What are hex dumbbells?

Hex dumbbells are hexagonal-shaped weightlifting dumbbells that are often made of rubber or in some cases, cast iron. 

The hexagon shape allows for easy pick up and storage, as well as prevents the dumbbells from rolling away. hex dumbbells are a great choice for those looking for the ultimate workout, as they are more versatile than traditional round dumbbells. 

Hex dumbbells can be used for a variety of exercises, including curls, presses, rows, and lunges. 

They are also available in a variety of weights, so you can find the perfect set for your fitness level. 

Ultimately, hex dumbbells are an excellent choice for those seeking the ultimate workout experience. Thanks to their versatile design and easy storage, hex dumbbells are sure to become your new go-to piece of equipment.

What do Hex Dumbbells offer that other weights don't?

Hex dumbbells are a type of weight that is hexagonal in shape. This hexagonal shape offers a number of benefits over other weights.

 First, the hexagon shape prevents the dumbbell from rolling away. This is especially important when working out on hard surfaces, such as concrete. 

Second, the hexagon shape provides a more stable grip for the user. This is especially important when performing exercises that require a lot of movements, such as dumbbell rows or presses. 

Finally, hex dumbbells are less likely to damage flooring than other types of weights. This is when doing exercises like lunges or squats, where you don't want the weight to roll away which will be causing damage to your floor.

The benefits of using Hex Dumbbells

If you are ever in a commercial gym or home gym, hex dumbbells and dumbbell sets can be found everywhere as they are popular weight training equipment.

Many people prefer using them for dumbbell push-ups, renegade rows, deadlifts, devil press etc to train the different muscle groups.

Here are some benefits of using hex dumbbells and why you should start using them too during your workouts.

They can handle anything you throw at them

Many rubber hex dumbbells are made of iron and coated with a protective rubber which ensures that they are durable and able to handle rough treatments. 

The hexagonal shape also makes the dumbbells more durable than round dumbbells, as they are less likely to crack or break if dropped. 

In addition, hex dumbbells have a contoured grip that is easy to hold and provides ultimate comfort during your workout. 

The contoured grip also helps to prevent the dumbbells from slipping out of your hands during exercises. Hex dumbbells are ergonomically designed and provide a great way to get a challenging workout.

They help not to damage your floors

A rubber hex dumbbell is designed with a rubber coating at the end which prevents them from damaging the floors when dropped. 

Compared to cast iron dumbbells, when they are dropped at a certain height they will leave a dent on the floor which will be an additional cost to fix them.

Furthermore, cast iron dumbbells make an unpleasant cracking sound when they hit the floor which can impact your performance and workout routine. 

They stay at the same spot where you left them

Hex dumbbells don't roll on the floor, which is one of their main advantages. They won't roll away like a round dumbbell because they have six flat sides, which means they won't fall or be dropped on the ground. 

They are much safer because they won't roll into other things or people, therefore. They become less of a trip hazard because they don't roll, making them safer for you and those around you.

Hex Dumbbells vs Round Dumbbells

Hex Dumbbells

One of the many benefits of a hex dumbbell is that it stays in place and does not roll around when you drop them. 

Imagine if the floor where you are working out is not even, a round dumbbell will be rolling around every time they are not in your hands. That can be very annoying as you have to chase them down every time you are done with a set.

In addition, using a hex dumbbell allows you to do workouts that you cannot do with round dumbbells. Workouts such as dumbbell pushup rows require you to use either a regular or rubber hex dumbbells for your fitness class or personal use.

Benefits of hex dumbbells

  • They tend to be cheaper 
  • Can be incorporated into more workouts that require them to be used on the floor
  • They stay in the same spot

Drawbacks of hex dumbbells

  • Rubberized hex dumbbells can be difficult to find
  • Are normally available with controlled handles and not with straight handles
  • Non-rubberized hex dumbbells’ paint chips off easily

Round Dumbbells

If you are worried that your dumbbell’s paint might chip off then round dumbbells can solve that issue for you because they are rubberized. When dropping a rubberized dumbbell, it will prevent them from damaging the floors of your gym.

Unlike a rubber hex dumbbell, most round dumbbells have straight handles but there are other handle options like contoured handles.

The confusion between round dumbbells and Pro-Style dumbbells

The term “round dumbbells” is often used interchangeably with “Pro-Style dumbbells”, however, you should be aware that not all “Pro-Style dumbbells” are round.

Pro-Style dumbbells are created with the use of a chrome handle with various plates attached. 

Dumbbells that are pro-style have a fixed weight, as opposed to adjustable dumbbells. To keep the plates in place, they have an end cap and heavy-duty bolt on them. 

The Benefits

  • A majority of them are rubberized 
  • There are more options for what kind of handle for you
  • Pro-Style dumbbells are better quality

The Drawbacks

  • Due to their shape, they will roll on the floor
  • The prices of Pro-Style dumbbells are more costly which might not be for everyone
  • Pro-Style dumbbells require more storage space to rack

So, round or rubber hex dumbbells?

Although round dumbbells offer more handle options and they have better quality, most people would find the rubber hex dumbbells more affordable.

The rubber hex dumbbells are more affordable, versatile, and they do not roll on the floor which ensures your safety knowing you will not hurt yourself or others.

However, you should consider your budget and goals before choosing which one is the best for you.

The Best Hex Dumbbells Exercises For You

A rubber hex dumbbell is used in many different fitness workouts and they normally come in one-piece forged construction.

Here are home exercises that you can do at your home gym with rubber hex dumbbells that will target the body’s different muscle groups today.

Bicep Curl

Barbells allow for a greater range of motion than dumbbells, which helps you build more strength. Bicep curls with dumbbells are a popular exercise that focuses on your biceps.

This is the best exercise if your fitness objective is to develop bigger biceps. It works on both the long and short heads of the bicep branch. The activity enhances grip strength and performance in activities that require big grips.

How to do it

  1. Hold the dumbbell with both hands and stand straight
  2. Palms facing upwards
  3. With your biceps tensed, curl the dumbbell as high as you can
  4. Squeeze the bicep then return to the original position

Global Squat

The goblet squat is a form of squats that improves leg muscle strength. It focuses on the quads particularly. To strengthen and tone lower-body muscles, you must include this fundamental exercise in your routine.

Squatting is a simple human motion that involves almost every muscle in the body. Squats can help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you're looking to improve performance and mobility in daily life or simply tone up your legs.

How to do it

  1. Choose a barbell with the appropriate weight and hold it to your chest, place your hand under the dumbbell
  2. Squat by bending your knees slightly, then pushing your hips back.
  3. Pause when your thighs get parallel to the floor
  4. Ensure that your core is braced throughout the workout and push back through the heels of the foot

Bent-Over Row

The dumbbell row is a type of barbell bent-over row that works your back muscles and builds strength. You may alter the position of your back muscles. Experiment with various angles and hand placements to see if you can enhance the growth of your back muscles.

How to do it

  1. With the rubber hex dumbbells, maintain a neutral grip while standing
  2. Keep your head up until your torso is parallel to the floor or slightly higher. Then, drive the elbows behind your body and retract the shoulder blades.
  3. Keep your elbows in a neutral position while you move the dumbbells closer to you until they are at the midline. Then, very slowly, return them to their start position.

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Buying new dumbbell sets for your gym can be confusing because there are so many options available on the market. 

We at Kinta Fitness have a wide selection of dumbbell sets available for you to choose from. If you need any help contact us today.

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If you want to come down to our warehouse at Malaga, Western Australia our excellent support team will be happy to answer any queries you have about our product. 

Our warehouse business hours are Monday - Saturday 10 am to 2 pm.

I want to start my own home gym, where do I start?

Home gyms can be expensive and it’s hard to find the right one that fits your needs. 

Kinta Fitness was founded by our owner Joe Paps, a Special Forces Army Veteran who suffered from joint pain when he ran or worked out at home. Due to his busy work schedule, he didn't have time for an injury rehabilitation session afterwards, because the cost wasn't something he could afford every month. 

He believes everyone should have access to a facility where there's support in building fitness goals while staying within budget. This is why we offer facilitation services along with product guidance suited towards anyone looking into purchasing their own gym equipment!

Will the equipment come set up?

No. In order to save space and save money on delivery costs, all our equipment comes flat packed with all the nuts and bolts included plus instructions to get you underway.

If you require assistance in setting up and you are located within 40km to our warehouse we can send a team of our own specialists to expedite set up for an additional fee.

What if I get shipped the wrong item?

We want to make sure you get your items as quickly and hassle-freely with our store! If there is a problem, just photograph a note of what was shipped wrongfully or not fully functioning on arrival - then email through at admin@kintafitness.com.au.

We'll take care of everything from here including sending back the package to our warehouse at no charge to you with your chosen carrier.