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Weight plates 

Kinta Fitness offers a wide range of weightlifting plates online, all manufactured and designed to the highest Australian standard whilst still offering great value. All our competition Olympic weight plates in Perth and training bumper weight plates are incredibly durable, long-lasting and provide unbeatable performance. 

Designed to Absorb Impact and Provide Great Protection

Our weight plates are designed to absorb impact and will provide great protection for your barbell and rubber gym flooring. All of our training bumper plates and competition bumper plates are designed manufactured and tested to adhere with IWF specifications, the central stainless-steel discs on the weight plates have a +/- 1mm tolerance so the weight plates slide onto the barbell with ease with no unnecessary movement when conducting your Lifts.

We have entry-level black rubber training bumper plates and competition standard coloured bumper plates. We have weight plate options to suit every style of Olympic weightlifting and functional fitness training you can think of.

World-Class Design 

Our local Perth bumper plate design is world-class, built with virgin rubber and high-grade stainless-steel, we guarantee these will last. Our highly durable local Perth weight plates design is also great for bench press, squats, overhead press, and many other functional movement workouts.

What Is the Difference between competition weight plates and training weight plates ?

Bumper plates are essential for powerlifting, functional strength and Olympic weightlifting training. There are few key differences between training bumper plates, and competition bumper plates. The competition Olympic weight plates are built to absorb larger impacts while having smaller manufacturing tolerances. Training bumper plates are designed and manufactured to a very high stand as well but are more affordable weight plates for your everyday user who doesn’t need their bumper plates exactly at IWF specification standards. 

Kinta Fitness competition weight plates are designed to adhere to the following standards:

  • Solid stainless-steel inserts.
  • IWF Specification diameter of 450 mm.
  • Made from the highest quality virgin rubber which does not distort or crack from use over time.
  • Minimal weight variance 
  • Subject to a manufacturing 10,000 drop test.
  • Subject to The Shore A Hardness Scale which measures the hardness of flexible mould rubbers 

Kinta Fitness Training bumper plates are designed and manufactured to the following standards:

  • IWF Standard sizing of 450 mm.
  • High-quality Durable shock absorbing rubber to reduces noise and protects your flooring
  • Subject to a manufacturing 10,000 drop test.
  • Subject to The Shore A Hardness Scale which measures the hardness of flexible mould rubbers 
  • 51mm inner steel ring.
  • Available in All black 

If you’re struggling to move past your current one-rep max, our Fractional Weight plates in Perth are custom designed to keep you increasing your game and reaching your targets. All while still being built to the same standards these are just smaller and will help you increase your heavy lifts by slowly increase the weight and preventing injuries.

Kinta Fitness weight plates are regarded as the most premium weight plates online available, suitable for professional weightlifting athletes to beginners who have just started learning about lifting. And naturally, weight plates and barbells go hand-in-hand! After you’re finished with your purchase on the best Perth weight plates online, don’t forget to check out our online weightlifting packages and barbells to complete your set up so you can reach the fitness goals and targets you are after.

As proud veterans ourselves, we would like to give back to those serving our country both in the essential and defence services by offering a discount to those working in those fields. Please contact us for more information.