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Liquid chalk

Liquid chalk is fast-drying chalk that usually comes in a convenient, portable tube. Just like normal powdered chalk, liquid chalk allows for a long-lasting, optimal grip. This means no more frequent walks to the chalk bucket or making a big mess.
It is perfect for use during most sports including weight lifting, bouldering, Ninja Warrior training, rock climbing, and dancing. Also, one standard tube of Kinta Fitness Liquid Chalk lasts you longer than a standard block chalk! So save big with the best portable liquid chalk Perth has to offer today.

Liquid chalk vs dry chalk

For one, liquid chalk helps save you from having to clean up the huge mess of fine powder that comes from using dry chalk. Also, the tube it comes in means you don’t have to take extra steps to safely store the chalk. The lightweight container also allows you to have better mobility during exercise than if you were carrying around chalk bags. One application of liquid grip chalk can last from 20 minutes up to the end of a longer session, depending on the user and activity.

The alcohol base of liquid chalk helps the contents of the tube and your hands stay hygienic while absorbing any moisture. This is especially beneficial to climbers, as using our long-lasting liquid grip chalk will have you set for the whole climb. This means not having to pause and reapply chalk to sweaty palms. If you have some normal chalk already, you can apply a layer of liquid chalk, wait for it to dry, then apply a layer of dry chalk for gorilla grip.

Directions for using liquid chalk

Test the product on a small patch of skin before committing to a wider area. Always shake the tube of liquid chalk before applying. Squeeze a small amount into your palms, rub to coat both hands evenly. Wait just 10-15 seconds for it to dry down to a fine powder. After your workouts, easily wash off the liquid chalk with water. Reapply it whenever you need to. Buy liquid chalk online and have it shipped directly to your doorstep today. For any questions, contact our friendly team for detailed product advice, we are always happy to help.

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