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Weight Set Packages

Our weight set packages have been curated with convenience in mind. Each of the weights set offer increasing weights of quality kettlebells that can easily be used in a home or commercial gyms, government installs, and other settings. Each of the weight set packages provide high quality gym equipment at competitive rates, so you can save more when you purchase more.

What’s In A Weight Set Package: Kettlebells

Incorporating kettlebells into your usual workout routine is a great way to work the entire body at once. When you exercise with a kettlebell correctly, you engage many stabilisation muscles at the same time through executing smooth movements. Kettlebell exercises tend to engage more muscles than if you were to do dumbbell or barbell workouts. 

The weight set packages are an ideal purchase for anyone wanting to access top end gym equipment and save while they do it. These sets are a must have for any home gym fit out, as well as for an update of the equipment and accessories in an existing commercial facility. It is also a good idea to have a few different sizes and types of weight plates nearby when you are weightlifting, all so you can strengthen and tone targeted areas more effectively.

Our commercial-grade, veteran-approved weight set packages provide you with tools for success that are built to last. In having some of the best weight set packages Australia can offer in your home gym, you will be getting results. As for commercial gym owners upgrading their facilities, incorporating a quality weights set is a great way to refresh the existing gym equipment.

Buy Australian Weight Set Packages Online

We are proud to be a reliable choice for Australian workout equipment and gym fitouts. We have successfully provided over 100 government installs, commercial and home gym fitouts, exercise equipment upgrades, and gym flooring solutions across W.A and other states. We take clients’ feedback and needs into account when curating only the best fitness equipment for our online store. Each piece of gym equipment or accessory that we stock is built to last, so you know that you are making a worthwhile investment. For further advice or questions about any item, please chat to our friendly customer service team. 

If you would like to browse through the equipment in-store, come down to our warehouse to check out some larger gym equipment. In addition to a great selection of top quality kettlebells, we also stock support and recovery fitness accessories, strength and conditioning equipment, storage solutions, and much more.

Our range of quality gym accessories and fitness equipment are handpicked by our founders. As former members of the Australian Special Forces, they have firsthand experience with high quality and effective workout equipment, and are now sharing this with the rest of Australia. Shop weight set packages and more right here at Kinta Fitness.

If you work in the defence field or are an essential worker, we would like to recognise and give back to those serving our country. Get in touch with us to learn about the special discounts available to you. To find out if you are eligible, speak to one of our friendly team members today.