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Weight plates are found in every commercial and home gym. They come in different weights to help you reach your fitness goals and are one of the most important pieces of equipment that every gym should own. 

Weight plates can be used in many different ways to support your weight training. Read on to find out everything that you need to know about weight sets – and how you can choose the ideal set to buy online.

Check out our huge range of high-quality weight plates, dumbbell sets, and weight sets at Kinta Fitness today.


Different Types Of Weight Plates

You might know your training routine - but are you aware that there are different types of weight plates? Each of them is made from different materials. Some of the most popular brands are made from cast iron or rubber.

Rubber Bumper Weight Plates

Rubber Bumper weight plates are gym weights that are commonly found at commercial and home gyms. The weight plates are coated with a layer of rubber that offers an extra protective layer and ensures its durability.

Due to it having a rubber coating, it offers a certain amount of protection to the floor and itself when it is dropped. Kinta bumper weight plates are a crowd favourite at cross fit and commercial gyms Australia-wide. They offer a great alternative to the most expensive competition weight plates, but achieve a similar purpose.

During some strength training, people will drop the barbell and weight plates onto the floor and the action might cause some damage to the gym floor such as denting it which can be an additional expense to your wallet. Bumper weight plates are designed to be dropped, banged and bashed around so that when using Kinta bumper weight plates you wont need to worry about if your new weight plates will make it through the first year. And If for some reason they don’t, then Kinta will replace them anyway.

Technique Bar and Bumper Weight Plates

Bumper weight plates have been in demand in the past years, if you are new to weight lifting a technique bar and a light set of bumper weight plates might be for you.

The Technique barbells are only 7kgs. This makes it safe to practice Olympic lifting without worrying about injuries. Once you get the technique right, then you can start to add weight plates incrementally.

Kinta Bumper plates range from 5 kg -25kgs making them great for beginners. They allow users to learn the techniques properly, without the need to go heavy weights straight away.

Competition Bumper Plates

What makes Olympic competition plates different from training plates or any other free weight is the calibration.

Weight plates that are in competitions are required to be accurate to +0.01% and -0.05% according to the Official IWF Competition rules.

They are designed to withstand everything that is thrown at them during Olympic lifting training or Crossfit.

How Many Weight Plates Do I Need For My Home Gym?

When it comes to setting up your home gym, it can be quite tempting to buy a lot of gym equipment like Slam balls, dumbbells, barbells, and weight benches because nowadays many companies offer online shopping and free delivery.

As weight plates are common and one of the necessary gym equipment to have if you are serious about achieving your fitness goals. You might be wondering how many is too many or too little.

What to buy when starting out?

The basic competition Olympic or bumper plate set is a set that you will probably need for your home gym. However, if you want something more specific then there is always time to add more plates.

100KG weight set package

  • 2 x 5kg
  • 2 x 10kg
  • 2 x 15kg
  • 2 x 20kg

If you are just starting out at weight training and looking for something that has little of everything then the 100kg weight plate package might just be for you.

Tips On How To Use Barbells And Weight Plates For Beginners

Weightlifting is not an easy exercise and navigating the various gym equipment can be quite daunting when you are a beginner.

However, once you have gotten acquainted with the different gym equipment you will be more confident in your training routine.

Here are a few things to consider when you are new to weightlifting

Understand how much weight you can lift

The traditional bar’s weight for women is 15kg while for men is 20kg. Then you have the opportunity to add more weight to the bar for your workout.

It is important for you to determine how much weight you can lift because if you lift a weight that you cannot handle then there is a high chance of injuring yourself.

If you have to lift a lighter weight in the beginning it is best to do it consistently and slowly build up your strength.

Ask a trainer for advice

When it comes to gym weights, there are a lot of benefits to enlisting the help of a personal trainer. For one, they can help you make sure that you're using the proper form for each exercise.

This is important not only for preventing injuries but also for getting the most out of your workout.

They can also help you choose the right weight for each exercise. If you're lifting too much, you won't be able to complete the full range of motion and you may risk injury.

On the other hand, if you're not lifting enough, you won't see results. A personal trainer can help you find that perfect balance.

Lastly, they can provide encouragement and motivation when things get tough. When you're feeling like giving up, they'll be there to push you to keep going. So if you're serious about gym weights and dumbbell training, enlisting the help of a personal trainer is a great idea.

Do not rush each lift

Popular workouts with barbells include squats, deadlifts, bench presses, overhead presses, and bent-over rows.

If you're lifting weights at the gym, you might be tempted to just go through the motions, especially if you're doing a lot of repetitions.

However, it's important to take the time to really focus on each lift and make sure that you're using good form.

This will not only help you get better results, but it will also help to prevent injuries. When you're using gym weight equipment, it's important to use a full range of motion.

This means that you should lower the weight all the way down, not just halfway.

For dumbbell training, this means that you should lower the dumbbells until your arms are fully extended. Taking the time to do this will ensure that you're getting a complete workout and that your muscles are being challenged throughout their full range of motion.

In addition, by using a full range of motion, you'll be less likely to injure yourself since your muscles will be better prepared for the workout.

Consider using chalk

Chalking up your hands before weight lifting provides numerous benefits that can help you to get the most out of your workout.

For one, it helps to prevent your hands from slipping, which can not only be frustrating but can also lead to injuries.

Additionally, chalking up allows you to get a full range of motion in your dumbbell training, as well as helping you to perform the exercises with proper form.

Ideas for fitness routines are easy enough to find - it's making them stick that's hard. But by taking the time to chalk up before each workout, you'll be setting yourself up for success.

Not only will you be able to perform the exercises more effectively, but you'll also be less likely to give up on your fitness goals. So next time you're getting ready for a workout, don't forget to grab the chalk!

Start taking notes on your progress

Working out is great for your health and dumbbell sets are a piece of great workout equipment.

You can do so many exercises with dumbbells like shoulder presses, bicep curls, overhead tricep extensions, and more. But why is it important to track your progress?

When you first start working out with dumbbells, you will want to take note of the weight you are lifting. This is so you can see how much you are improving over time. If you don't keep track of the weight you are lifting, you won't be able to see your progress as easily

It is also important to keep track of how many reps you are doing. If you are only doing 3 reps of an exercise and then stop, it will be harder to see your progress than if you were doing 10 reps.

By tracking your reps, you can see how much endurance you are building up over time

Overall, tracking your progress is important because it allows you to see how far you have come and motivates you to keep going. When you can look back and see that you have increased the weight you are lifting or the number of reps you can do, it will motivate you to keep working hard.

Consistency is key to success

Consistency is important when it comes to weight lifting for a variety of reasons.

First, it helps to ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout. If you only lift weights occasionally, you will not see the same results as someone who is lifting weights on a regular basis.

Second, consistency is a great addition to any fitness routine. It helps to mix things up and keep your body guessing.

Third, if you are serious about lifting weights, you need to have a dumbbell set or weight set that you can use on a regular basis.

This way, you can gradually increase the amount of weight you are lifting over time.

Finally, consistency is important because it allows you to track your progress. If you only lift weights every once in a while, it will be difficult to tell if you are making any progress.

However, if you are lifting weights on a consistent basis, you will be able to track your progress and see the results of your efforts.

What Dumbbell Exercises Can Be Done At Home?

As more and more working adults realise that their work can be done at home, companies are introducing hybrid work where they are allowed to work from home for a few days a week.

You should be able to work out from home as well instead of paying for a commercial gym every month. Furthermore, if you have a home gym you will be saving on transportation costs as you will not be using public transport or much fuel.

If your home gym has a weight set or dumbbell set with a weight bench, you will be able to do a lot of different workouts from the comfort of your own home and they are way more convenient than going out.

Although setting up a home gym may be an investment, it can help cut down on your overall expenses in the long run.

Here are some dumbbell exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home

Bent-Over Row

Doing dumbbell bent-over rows is a great way to train your back muscles. The first thing you need is a dumbbell set. You can use a weight set if you don't have dumbbells.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees bent.
  2. Bend at the hips and lower your torso until it's almost parallel to the floor. Your back should be straight and your head up.
  3. Hold the dumbbells at arm's length, with your palms facing your thighs. This is the starting position.
  4. Bend your elbows and row the dumbbells to the side of your chest. Pause and squeeze your back muscles, then lower the dumbbells to the starting position.
  5. Repeat for 10-12 reps.
  6. You can also do this exercise with one arm at a time. Just hold the dumbbell in one hand and row it to the side of your chest, then lower it back to the starting position.
  7. Repeat for 10-12 reps before switching sides. By doing dumbbell bent-over rows, you'll build strong, defined back muscles.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise

A dumbbell lateral raise is a great way to train your shoulders.

Here's how to do it:

  1. First, pick up a dumbbell set and choose the weight you want to use.
  2. Next, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent.
  3. Then, raise your arms out to the sides until they're parallel with the ground. Be sure to keep your palms facing down throughout the exercise.
  4. Finally, return to the starting position and repeat.

Remember to breathe evenly as you dumbbell lateral raise and focus on contracting your shoulder muscles. If you're new to this exercise, start with a lighter weight set and work your way up. With practice, you'll be able to dumbbell lateral raise like a pro!

Weighted Reverse Lunge

Here’s how to do it:

The dumbbell reverse lunge is a great exercise for those who want to work on their lower body without putting a lot of strain on their knees.

  1. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and holding a dumbbell in each hand at arm's length.
  2. Then, take a large step forward with your right leg and lower your body until your left knee is just above the ground. Be sure to keep your trunk upright and your weight balanced between both legs.
  3. From this position, push off with your right leg and return to the starting position.
  4. Repeat the movement with your left leg, and continue alternating sides until all of the reps are complete.

Dumbbell reverse lunges are a great way to add some variety to your lower-body routine and challenge yourself with a new move.

Take The Next Step

Taking the first step in setting up your home gym can be daunting as you are looking at many different weight sets for sale online and some of them can be quite expensive.

However, there are many with different features, prices, and some come with free delivery as you set up your home gym. Setting up your home gym may be expensive but they are an investment that will keep on giving financially and physically.

If you are looking for a weight set or weight bench, at Kinta Fitness we offer a huge range of weight sets and dumbbell sets.

FAQs - Kinta Fitness

Do you have a physical store that I visit?

If you want to come down to our warehouse at Malaga, Western Australia our excellent support team will be happy to answer any queries you have about our product.

Our warehouse business hours are:

Monday - Friday 9 am – 5 pm

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I want to start my own home gym, where do I start?

Home gyms can be expensive and it’s hard to find the right one that fits your needs.

Kinta Fitness was founded by our owner Joe Paps, Ex-Army special forces Veteran who suffered from joint pain when he ran or worked out at home due to his busy work schedule but didn't have time for an injury rehabilitation session afterwards because the cost wasn't something they could afford every month.

He believes everyone should have access to a facility where there's support in building fitness goals while staying within budget - which is why we offer facilitation services along with product guidance suited towards anyone looking into purchasing their own gym equipment!

Will the equipment come set up?

No. In order to save space and save money on delivery costs, all our equipment comes flat packed with all the nuts and bolts included plus instructions to get you underway.

If you require assistance in setting up and you are located within 40km to our warehouse we can send a team of our own specialists to expedite set up for an additional fee.

What if I get shipped the wrong item?

We want to make sure you get your items as quickly and hassle-freely with our store! If there is a problem, just photograph a note of what was shipped wrongfully or not fully functioning on arrival - then email through at admin@kintafitness.com.au.

We'll take care of everything from here including sending back the package to our warehouse at no charge to you with your chosen carrier.