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Rubber Gym Flooring

Simple and easy to install, our rubber gym floorings are made out of highly durable and high-quality rubber. Laser-cut and designed with no toxic substances, our Perth rubber gym flooring comes in a few different colours and measurement and can easily fit any size gyms, whether personal or commercial fitness space. With anti-static and slip-resistant properties, rubber gym flooring is essential to keep your floors, your equipment, you and your clients safe.

Experienced Rubber Gym Flooring Fitouts

Kinta Fitness has been working hard in fitting out some of the best gyms in Australia. From custom home gyms for personal trainers working out of their home garages to fitness centres and sporting clubs, apartment buildings and hotels commercial gyms, school, universities and government gyms (and the list goes on…), Kinta Fitness has a lot of experience in installing rubber gym flooring in any space size.

Prevent Injury and Protect your Equipment

One of the main reasons why installing a rubber gym flooring in your home or commercial gym is important is to prevent injury. While you or your clients might have great gym etiquettes and follow the rules to the point, accidents do happen! Slightly slippery hands can cause heavy equipment to fall on the ground and without proper rubber gym flooring, not only can this cause damage to your flooring or equipment but can also cause serious injury. While this might be a worst-case scenario type of situation that we wish upon no one, you can never be too safe when it comes to handling heavy gym equipment. Rubber gym flooring can help prevent unexpected injury in one simple and straightforward installation.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Installing a rubber gym flooring in your Perth gym is not only a great way to create a safe environment to work out in, but also is easy to clean and maintain in the long run. An easy investment, you only need a clean and sanitised mop to keep your fitness area fresh. Perfect for high traffic areas such as commercial gyms, rubber gym flooring is an economical and sound investment that you don’t want to miss out on!

Contact Kinta Fitness today!

Whether you only have a little fitness space to fill or are after rubber gym flooring in Perth for a bigger commercial gym, Kinta Fitness has a range of different sizes and colours that would suit any gym size. If you’re looking for a great deal, check out our Rubber Flooring Saver Packs that come in 20 or 50 mats packs that will definitely help save you some money that can be invested in other equipment for your gym! Send us an email at admin@kintafitness.com.au for more information about our Perth rubber gym flooring or for more details about gym fit-outs!

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