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Weight Storage Rack & Accessories

Weight storage racks are the perfect addition to any commercial or home gym, for easy storage solutions for all your different dumbbells, barbells, and Olympic weight plates. With the appropriate weight storage rack, you can make sure that all your weights are organised, easily accessible, and displayed proudly. At Kinta, we have a range of the best dumbbell rack, barbell racks, or weight plate storage trees to fit your needs.

Keep your weights secured and your workout space safe

A weight storage rack is an essential piece of equipment in your gym as not only does it keep your workout space safe when certain weights are not being used, but also keeps your weights secured in their designated spot. High traffic areas at the gym often involve the use of weights and having a specific area to store your weights, barbells, and dumbbells is ideal to keep everything organised. And this is when a weight storage rack comes in handy. Not only does it keep your customers accountable for what sets they are using, but also very useful to see which sizes and weights are being used and which ones are free for others to use.

Safety is our priority when it comes to gym etiquette. While organisation is a must in any gym, it also helps to keep your workout space safe. Customers tripping overweights on the gym floor is something no gym owner wants to see and the addition of weight storage racks also helps to avoid those hazards, making sure everything is returned in its designated spot once used and keeping your gym tidy and safe for all users.

Contact the team at Kinta today

Kinta is 100% Australian veteran-owned and operated, with our warehouse in Osborne Park, Western Australia. Experienced in commercial and personal gym fit-outs, our friendly team of experienced staff will help you with any information needed on our range of weight storage racks or any other fitness equipment you need. Pop to our warehouse for a visit or feel free to call us on 0483 282 721 or email us at admin@kintafitness.com.au for any information about our wide range of gym storage racks.

As proud veterans ourselves, we would like to give back to those serving our country both in the essential and Defence services by offering a discount to those working in those fields. Please contact us for more information.