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Benefits of wearing weight vests 

Weight vests are a simple yet effective way to improve your fitness and endurance levels, whether you exercise competitively or simply work out for enjoyment. However, you should only use weighted vests if you have been working out for a long time. Beginners should consider our other gym accessories more suited to their fitness levels.

The idea behind a weight vest is to put extra weight on your body during exercise to increase the demand on your cardiovascular and muscular systems. The added challenge that comes with wearing a weight vest aims to put you in an advantageous position on the day of your competition by getting you acclimatised to strenuous contexts.

The benefits a weight vest can offer range far and wide. In general training and exercise, weighted vests add extra resistance that help increase your agility and overall strength. They do this by demanding a higher energy and oxygen output during exercise. Your body learns to adapt to the extra weight by improving your endurance levels, strength, VO2 Max, and lung capacity. The extra challenge also aids in burning extra calories, so you can make the most of each workout. Just make sure to vary the intensity of exercise and number of times per week you wear the vests to avoid plateauing in your improvements.


Military approved gym accessories 

All over the world, military units use weight vests in their training to mimic real battlefield challenges of running with heavy items like ammunition, weaponry, and communication equipment. Our founders are veterans of Australian Special Forces. Their military expertise allows them to curate a high quality range of gym accessories, including some of the best weight vests Perth has for sale.

While these are veteran-approved, they aren’t just suitable for the military. Weight vests can easily be incorporated into  most exercise and training routines. That said, you should always research the pros and cons of weight vests. Working out with this added weight and not adequately preparing beforehand can stretch your body past its physical fatigue limits. 

To avoid the risk of exercise injuries using a weight vest, consult a professional before committing. Also, prevent heavy joint impact by working your way up in weight loads. If you find the added weight is negatively affecting your form, step back and reassess your movements and adjust the weight load. Speak to our friendly team here at Kinta Fitness for detailed advice on our products. Shop our curated range of accessories that include the best weight vests Perth has to offer.


Buy weighted vest online Perth

Our high quality selection of workout equipment and gym accessories are designed to suit most exercise routines and lifestyles. Our expertise varies from government installs, home gyms fitouts, hotel and home fit outs, and more. Returning customers trust that our products are quality investments built to last. So find your perfect weight vest online today, right here at Kinta Fitness.


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