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Kinta is the leading supplier of dumbbells online and dumbbells in Perth if you want to add some resistance exercise to your training, You can purchase our dumbbells in Perth at our shop in Osbourne park or you can order the dumbbells online and they can be delivered anywhere in Australia with a same day dispatch guarantee.

The Most Versatile Piece of Gym Equipment

All professional weight trainers around the world would have dumbbells in their top 3 fundamental pieces of gym equipment. Dumbbells are the most versatile piece of gym equipment, whether you are trying to gain strength, size, core stability, or endurance then dumbbells are the right piece of fitness equipment for you. You will see dumbbells in nearly every commercial gym around the world because of their versatility for all types of fundamental fitness exercises and movements. 

KINTA Hex Dumbbells

Kinta Hex dumbbells are designed to the highest Australian standards, tested and trialed before they are sold to our customers. The knurled metal handle is fashioned to achieve a secure grip and reduce wear on the handle after repetitive use. The Hex dumbbell rubber is made from high-quality shock absorbing virgin rubber which prevents cracks and will stand the test of time.

Some features include:

  • 1kg to 10kg in 1kg increments
  • 12.5kg to 50kg in 2.5kg increments
  • 55kg to 70kg in 5kg increments
  • Knurled handle for optimal grip
  • Single piece construction
  • Cast iron head encased in rubber.

Whether you’re searching for handheld free weights for your lounge room workouts or heavier dumbbell sets for your home gym, find the most up-to-date range of home gym free weights at Kinta. Shop for kettlebells, hex dumbbells in Perth, and much more. Combine your home gym free weights with a weight bench and other home gym equipment to take your fitness to the highest level.

Perfect for a Variety of Workouts and Exercise Environments

Dumbbells are the quintessential piece of strength training equipment to help you build muscle, tone your body shape and gain a long-term healthy lifestyle. Being easy to store and transport makes them a great accompaniment to your home gym, perfect for your HIIT Workouts and strength training programs. great for a variety of workouts and exercise environments, from CrossFit gyms to outdoor boot camps and home as they will not roll when placed on the floor. This makes them perfect for workouts where you are repetitively picking them up and putting them down. Their shape also makes them perfect for floor-based exercises like dumbbell push-ups.

There are endless benefits to strength training and dumbbells are a great handheld weight to help you obtain these results. With thousands of dumbbell set exercises, you will at no point get bored and will be able to adapt, modify and add weight as you get more serious about weight training. 

Reach your Fitness Target Goals Today with Kinta 

Kinta has an extensive range of Dumbbells Perth online and all types of gym equipment online or come and meet our amazing team if you want gym equipment in Perth, our great team located in Osbourne park would love to help you design anything from a home gym to a commercial gym. Contact us now and start to reach your fitness targets today. 

As proud veterans ourselves, we would like to give back to those serving our country both in the essential and defence services by offering a discount to those working in those fields. Please contact us for more information.