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Slam Balls

Slam balls or dead balls are a thick rubber coated ball weighted with iron sand. Kinta Fitness has a weight to suit every athlete, from 4kg all the way up to 65kg. These slam balls are constructed to be dropped, lifted, carried, slammed and thrown through a variety of movements in order to increase your power, strength and endurance. All of Kinta Fitness equipment is made to combat even your toughest workouts. 

Because a Slam Ball won’t roll away or bounce back up at you, It requires you to pick it back up again after every rep. Making them a great alternative to everyday functional movements such as lift and carry and also hip hinge movements.

Build and strengthen your muscle with our durable weighted selection.

We sell either single a slam ball or you can buy slam ball packages to suit your needs too.

The slam balls for sale on our website can be delivered to you fast, along with any other equipment you order from us. 

The Slam Ball has been designed for slamming use on suitable surfaces such as gym tiles, EVA jigsaw mats, stall mats or turf, avoid slamming on the valve,  valve failure is not covered under warranty