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Weight Lifting Belt Friction Lock


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Weight Lifting Belt Friction Lock

Our friction lock weight lifting belt is a great choice for anyone just starting out in weight lifting, people who desire some comfort and anyone looking for added retention security on a quick release lifting belt.

How the friction lock works.

Just like any standard velcro weight lifting belt the tongue strap can wrap around the turn buckle and straight back onto the velcro pad. Over time though as with all velcro products, the adhesive properties begin to wear away. This can cause the velcro tongue to release under load. Depending upon how frequently the belt is used, this could take as little as one year.

The friction buckle is essentially a additional turn in the buckle creating enough friction to take all stressors off the velvro part of the belt and increasing the reliability and life span of the belt by years.

So how does a lifting belt work?

In simple terms a weight lifting belt helps support the core of wearer. But how does it do this? When we brace our muscles to lift a heavy object our intra-abdominal muscles will tense and support the bone structure of our spine by creating a hard surface to be fixed against. Unfortunately on the exterior wall our muscles have nothing to brace against meaning they are required to work very hard to maintain rigidity to support the spine. When a weight lifting belt is applied firmly around our torso creating an external solid structure to brace against, the stress on the intra-abdominal muscles is decreased by about 40%. This in turn allows the muscles to brace for weights that far exceed their unsupported potential and also last significantly longer before fatiguing. Overall an improved athletic performance can be achieved with less effort exerted.


  • 10cm wide nylon pad
  • 7.5cm wide velcro retention strap
  • Friction lock buckle

Sizing guide: Waiste in inches.

X-Small: Below 26inches

Small: 26 – 29

Medium: 29 – 32

Large: 32 – 36

X-Large: 36 – 39

XX-Large: 39 – 42

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions40 × 30 × 10 cm

X-Small, XX-Large, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


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