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Trap Barbell 5ft Short


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Trap barbell 5ft short

The trap barbell is a great alternative to a barbell for deadlifts as it allows you to move into a more natural position than a conventional barbell will. The reason for this is that when a loaded barbell is in your hands the centre of gravity is in front of your legs. This can create difficulty for people only just beginning to lift weights, as not are they only trying to lift the weight up they are also battling forced pulling them forward. When a trap barbell is loaded up with weight and in your hands, the load runs parallel with the side of the legs keeping the centre of gravity straight through the heel and midsole of the foot. This any lifter, novice or experienced to maintain a neutral spine when performing pulling movements such as deadlift movements.

Why the trap barbell 5ft short?

The name 5ft short comes from the fact that this bar is only 5 foot in length. We highly recommend this barbell to anyone hoping to be space efficient with their gym equipment. Commonly we sell this to home gyms or small studio gyms. Occasionally larger gyms will use these if they run classes with a large number of people involved.

Just like any barbell the handles come with a soft knurling for a better grip. The barbell sleeves have a loadable length of 26.5cm.

The distance between each handle is 56cm which is ideal for people who prefer deadlifting with their hands closer together rather than further apart.

An under over handle feature also gives you the option of lifting from the centre axis height of the weight plates like a conventional deadlift or turning the bar over and lifting from a slightly raised 10cm. This can be a great option for people with mobility issues.


  • 20kg weight
  • 5 foot in length, or 141cm
  • 26.5cm long loadable sleeves
  • Max recommended load of 250kg
  • 26mm diameter handles
  • Medium knurling for grip
  • 50mm diameter Olympic barbell sleeves

Additional information

Weight22 kg
Dimensions147 × 70 × 15 cm


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