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Open Trap Barbell


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Open Trap Barbell 

The trap barbell is a great alternative to a barbell for deadlifts as it allows you to move into a more natural position than a conventional barbell will. The reason for this is that when a loaded barbell is in your hands the centre of gravity is in front of your legs. This can create difficulty for people only just beginning to lift weights, as not are they only trying to lift the weight up they are also battling forced pulling them forward. When a trap barbell is loaded up with weight and in your hands, the load runs parallel with the side of the legs keeping the centre of gravity straight through the heel and midsole of the foot. This any lifter, novice or experienced to maintain a neutral spine when performing pulling movements such as deadlift movements.

Why choose the Open Trap Barbell

The open hex trap barbell allows the user to walk straight into the barbell and lift. With the open face on one side, farmers walks or lunges can be performed unimpeded, even bent over prone rows can be added into the mix of exercises you can do with the open trap barbell.

With the addition of the feet to the open side of the barbell weight plates can be easily loaded and unloaded by simply lifting the barbell on to the open side down.

Alternate diameter handles of 26mm and 36mm offer a unique training variable for grip strength training.

The sleeve length is massive on this barbell, at 50.5cm it can be maxed out to the load rating of 680kg.

Key Features:

  • Length: 2157mm
  • Max Load: 680kg
  • Weight: 32kg
  • Sleeve length: 50.5cm
  • 36mm and 26mm diameter handles
  • Open front
  • stable stand up feature

Additional information

Weight34 kg
Dimensions120 × 60 × 17 cm


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