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Commercial Adjustable FID Bench


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Commercial Adjustable FID Bench

This adjustable bench is as solid as any high-end adjustable bench and maybe even more. The steel tubing is 50mm x 50mm in diameter, and all steel platting is between 3mm and 5mm thick for impressive structural rigidity. Virtually there is no side-to-side shaking or movement of the bench pad when in use.
Each pivot point has incredibly smooth movement with our upgrade to bearings from bushings. The back pad adjusts by raising or lowing the pad and placing the back pad attachment into the desired height setting along the main body of the bench.
The front pad adjusts using a telescopic post with a lever pull handle. The handle is easily identified at the front of the bench. Adjust the front pad by pulling the handle and raising or lowering the front pad until the desired height is achieved and releasing the pull handle and the locking mechanism slides back into place.

The Adjustable FID bench is easily maneuverable with a set of wheels fixed to the rear and a lift and carry handle at the front of the bench.

To achieve maximum sturdiness of the bench, we recommend adequately tightening the bolts at the pivot points, then adjusting the firmness of each bolt more or less until the bench pads smoothly move up and down and any side movement is no more.

The bench pad is 31cm wide at its widest point to accommodate people with a larger build through the mid section and slightly tappers in toward the top. The pad itself is  6cm thick with high-density foam to extend the useable life beyond the years of other weight benches.

A foot support attachment is placed on the front end of the bench to help assist with decline bench exercises such as sit-ups or decline bench presses. Using the foothold you can deny the forces of gravity pulling you down the bench as you perform your exercise movements.

Commercial Adjustable FID Bench Details:

  • Flat, Incline and Decline Gym Bench
  • 7 position options on the back pad, from an 85-degree incline to a 20-degree decline
  • 4 adjustment position options on the seat pad
  • Foam Leg Holders for decline support
  • 31cm wide and 2.5inch thick back pad for ultimate comfort and support
  • 138cm long
  • 450kg load rating


  • Commercial 3 years
  • Residential 5 years

Installation can be requested by contacting Kinta through our contact page.

Additional information

Weight32 kg
Dimensions127 × 49 × 18 cm


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