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15kg 700lb Olympic Barbell


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15kg 700lb Olympic Barbell

This barbell is the ideal solution for general purpose use in a home gym or commercial general population gym.

Barbell Shaft:

A 25mm diameter shaft with a tensile strength of 175k PSI which is well above the average forces of 145k PSI that barbells are usually exposed to. The maximum load-bearing capacity is 700lb or 317.5kg. Together with a tensile strength of 175K PSI this barbell has a good whip under a light load, but could permanently bend under a heavy load over 317.5kg.

The protective coating on the shaft is hard chrome. This is a great solution for home gym use and general gym use as it is cheap and has great protective properties from rust, abrasion, chips and cracks. Hard chrome has long been the gold standard for barbell protective coatings until recently after the introduction of Cerakote, Zinc and Stainless Steel.

Barbell Markings:

This barbell has medium knurling, also known as volcano knurling. And a single Olympic weight lifting grip marker.

Barbell Sleeve:

The internal components of the sleeve include 1 x brass bushing in each sleeve and 2 x needle bearings. This setup reduces friction between the shaft and the sleeves, and promotes some free spin or rotation for dynamic weight lifting movements but not too much free spin to detract from static weight lifting movements such as deadlifts, bench press and squats.

The barbell sleeve diameter is 50mm to fit Olympic weight plates, with a smooth surface for ease of putting weight plates on and taking them off.

15kg 700lb Olympic Barbell Features:

  • 700lb load-bearing capacity
  • 175k PSI
  • 201cm in length
  • 25mm diameter shaft
  • 4 Needle bearings total
    • 2 per sleeve
  • Brass bushings
  • Hard chrome surface coating
    • Protects the barbell from rust, wear and abrasion resistance.
  • Medium knurling
  • Single Olympic knurling grip marker
  • No centre knurling
  • Good Whip.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 205 × 12 × 12 cm


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